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“Embracing Beauty within, One Lipstick at a Time”


 I am a self-taught Freelance Makeup Artist in  Houston, Texas. Cosmetics has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I believe everyone is beautiful, but makeup can be utilized to embrace the “original beauty” within us. The Cosmetic industry is full of great competition. There is always a new look or a latest trend to stay abreast with. Makeup to me is being different and creating your own look. A look that works for YOU! Makeup inspires me to be UNIQUE in my own way. My goal is to be noticed for what I believe is beautiful. 

Brand Lipsticks


I offer a variety of services that will enhance your natural beauty, bringing your vision to life. From looks for Photoshoot Make-up to Bridal Make-up, I truly do it all. I am creative, flexible, and able to adapt to a variety of events and styles. Do you have a special request? I am here to make your dream look come to life. Explore the menu below and schedule your session today.

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